What are the basics to a healthier lifestyle?

Eating healthy – which means a consistent and healthy diet and ditching junk and processed food.

Exercise –  if you’re not into workouts, easiest exercise for anyone is walking at least 30 minutes a day. 

Sufficient sleep and rest 7-9 hours of sleep a day is ideal.  Lack of sleep means lower immune system, increased stress, lack of mental clarity. 

Stress management  is crucial for physical and emotional health.

Detox cleansing your body from accumulated toxins. 

Education or informed self-care ignorance is often a culprit to self- harm. You can add more to the list, these are just the basics.  

So what about essential oils? 

I’m sure most of you have seen the craze about it in social media.  I have seen my family and friends get in the bandwagon and practice the oily lifestyle.  Essential oils support our different body systems–from skin to respiratory health to emotional well-being. There are more than a hundred ways to use essential oils!  I will probably highlight just a couple of ways.  But first let me tell you how I started with my oily journey.  

It was almost three years ago, when my youngest child was 3 months old and first time to get some sniffles.  She was too young for some colds medicine and I was simply desperate to provide her with any natural remedy to somehow ease her discomfort and let her have a good sleep so her body can recover quickly. 

My cousin sent me some essential oils roller blends. Marked clearly in my memory, the recommended oils for young babies:  Lavender, Lemon and Frankincense.

Two drops of combined essential oils in a 10ml bottle, diluted with coconut oil (or any carrier oil).  I applied it on my baby’s chest, back, spine and soles of her feet.  These oils supported her immune system, help her sleep well and eased her congestion.  She was better in two days and I was fascinated those bottles which I now would often call little helpers. This was the beginning of my family’s journey health and wellness through the use of essential oils.  

Since then I have been wary of the toxins we let inside our homes.  I have learned to read labels on every product we get mostly from the grocery. I have learned to ditch synthetic products (which releases toxins into the air and on our body every time we use it.)  We are getting there, one step at a time. A step closer each day to a toxin free home.

We are able to benefit from essential oils through the following ways.

Aromatically.  Put a drop of your favorite essential oil on your palm, cup your hands onto your nose and inhale it’s aroma.  Use an ultrasonic diffuser to disperse the oils into the air.

Topically.  Apply directly on the skin, on affected areas or on vita flex points. Our skin being the largest organ of the body, absorbs the oils and brings it into our blood stream (essential oil molecules are so small that it can penetrate the skin barrier and even cells in our body.  It is recommended to dilute the oils accordingly.

Want to know more about essential oils and how to incorporate them into your lifestyle? I would be glad to share with you my personal stories and help you and your home to take that step to a healthier lifestyle.  

Lavender  has a floral and relaxing aroma and is known as the most versatile essential oils. It is best known as skin support to support and help our body get a restful sleep.  It is also a great oil for maintain a smooth and healthy looking skin. This oil is a great sleep support for babies. Since it’s awesome for the skin, I use it as a first aid remedy for scratches and bruises.  

Lemon with its citrusy clean and brightening aroma, surely lifts up your mood.  Diffusing lemon helps get rid of any unpleasant aroma in the room. It’s has good skin cleansing properties.

Frankincense essential oil is known as a holy oil in the Middle East, where it has been used in religious ceremonies for thousands of years. This oil is one of the three gifts given to Jesus at birth. It’s awesome for skin support, can fade those blemishes and lines away. It also supports our respiratory healthy and boosts the immune system.