Location: Metro Manila, Philippines
Profession: E.R Nurse at Makati Med
Age: 24

What made you decide to get tested for COVID-19?

One of my workmates tested positive, and I was part of the contact tracing. I was also experiencing sore throat and dry cough. Since I live with my family (2 seniors and a toddler). I have to make sure I won’t infect them if I have the virus.

Where did you get yourself tested?

Makati Medical Center

What kind of test was it and how much did it cost?

RT-PCR swab test, it’s the confirmatory test for Sars-CoV virus.

How long did the results come out?

I guess I was lucky at the same time not…. Haha… It took 76 hours before my results came out. So the stressful days were really long. For Makati Med, the results are being released 24-48 hours, but that time, there were a lot of people having themselves checked, so it took 76 hours for my results to be out. But that’s fast already, for other institutions, they release results a week after being tested.

While you were getting tested, what went through your mind?

Scared, that I may have brought the virus at home.

After the results came out, what did you do to prepare for your quarantine?

I really didn’t do anything. After the results came out, I cried a lot. Couldn’t decide what I’d do next. Would I stay at home for quarantine or go to the hospital. 

I understand that the facility cannot be disclosed, but would it be ok for you to describe the facility? Is / Was it comfortable? 

So this facility was only for our Institution’s employees. There are a lot of rooms, but in 1 room there are 3 COVID patients. 2 sleeps in a bed and 1 in a couch.

These patients brought to this facilities are asymptomatic or with mild symptoms. They categorize the patients with gender, symptoms and date tested. COVID positive employees stay here until we finish the 14 days quarantine and after testing negative.

But for symptomatic employees, they admit them in the COVID ward of the hospital then when symptoms would be mild, they transfer them to the facility with asymptomatic and mild symptoms

What kind of food were being served?

They serve good food. Rice, vegetable and meat. They serve meals 3 times a day.

Who (if any) was allowed to visit you?

No one.

Is food delivery allowed?

Food delivery is allowed. They just have to give it to the guard on the facility gate or hand it to the officer on duty of the facility.

Were there any people quarantined with you in one room?

Yes. We are 3. So we really need to practice proper hygiene and wear mask all the time. To avoid continuous infection or reinfection.

Where was the toilet and bath located? Do you have to go out of your room?

The toilet and bath is inside the room.

Can you go out of your room to get some fresh air or do some for of exercise?

No one is allowed to go out of the room. There is always an officer on duty. Once they see you not following the rules, they could make you leave the facility.

Some do their exercise inside the room. But the room doesn’t have too much space, so you really can’t move that much. Stationary exercises would do or exercises that you can perform in the bed. Haha.

How did you cope with boredom?

There were a lot who tested positive in my unit (operating room), so we made a group chat which served as a support group and this people helped me with boredom. We often talk to each other, we share life stories and a lot more. I also watched movies.

What are / were your thoughts that ran through your mind? 

Of course, worried that my family contracted the virus from me, so I always ask them how they are. I told them to get tested too. But they were scared. So they just had the test after me testing negative. And they were negative too.

I kept blaming myself for not taking care of myself while at work, how I got the virus. And how I could be more cautious to avoid reinfection. I even thought of quitting my job. But that’s not the solution. I have to practice my profession, and it’s the time that people need us. And soon this will all be over.

Who were the people that you most thought about?

My daughter, who is just 1year old.

Is there anything that you would like to tell them?

I love her dearly. And I’ll always be strong and fight for her future.

What are your advise for someone going through this right now?

Always be strong, pray to God, it’s only Him who is with you during this time. Surrender everything to him. Don’t be scared for fear could keep your guard down. Make yourself healthy