As early as now, I want to tell you that this thing that we’re doing won’t happen overnight.

The quick fixes that you see everywhere most likely, is a scam. These band aid solutions to problems will wear out and you’ll just waste money over nothing. So be patient. Remember, the results will happen over time, not overnight. 

Let me talk to you about your drive. People often tell you to be motivated, to be confident, to just do it. Easier said than done right? My advice is to not rely solely on those two because motivation is frail, and confidence is often rooted from insecurities.

What I want you to focus on is the virtue of being consistent, and being committed.  If you commit, like a hundred percent commit, even if you feel like shit, you won’t quit! And that’s similar to being consistent, even though you don’t feel like it or you don’t see results, you just have to stick with it and trust the process.

I also have days off, I also fail to be motivated, I also have days that I feel like I’m stuck in a rut. But I have no choice, I have a fully functioning brain,

I am fit to work, so what excuse can I offer right?

Yes we deserve to rest and recover once in a while, but we have to move! We have to move now! Another virtue that I would want to impart on you is courage.

Be courageous! The hero and the cowards feel the same fear, the only difference is how they react to the situation. The coward runs the moment they feel fear, the hero does it anyway. Do it anyway